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Our new video is finally out!!!
It is entitled FREE ME and this is the first of the 3 singles that will anticipate the new band’s upcoming album “Legacy of stone”, that will come out the 12th of November in digital, Cd and LP format.
Watch it, share it and don’t forget to follow us on social media, as alway THANK YOU FOR THE SUPPORT.
When you hear the Screams… The Shadows rule!!!

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We are proud to announce that we have signed a deal with the newborn Danish label “From The Vaults” (, a traditional record company specializing in heavy metal rock with a focus on the album format. It is part of “Target group” Danmark and it will help us to take SCREAMING SHADOWS to the next level.

From The Vaults will release our upcoming, 5th studio album, the first one with our new singer Alessandro Marras, more info about that will follow soon.

We are now part of the label roster and we are looking forward to a great collaboration and great common projects.

Thanks for your support, long live the music.
When you hear the Screams… The Shadows rule!!!



A lavoro su un nuovo disco!

Dopo diversi anni di silenzio, la band sta lavorando ad un nuovo album.

Visitate la pagina facebook per maggiori informazioni.

Click on Press, uploaded the Metalwave Radio Interview!
Caricata nella sezione Press l’intervista su Metalwave Radio!


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