Track List
01. Blood and Dust
02. Point of Light
03. New Era of Shadows
04. The Way of The Warrior
05. Echoes in The Shades
06. What The Hell is Goin' On
07. Lady Hawk
08. Break The Chains
09. Desperate Cry

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Francesco Marras between June 2008 and January 2009 at the Screaming Shadows Studio (Sassari).
Produced by Francesco Marras and Screaming Shadows.
Executive produced by Giuliano Mazzardi for My Graveyard Productions.
all music composed by Francesco Marras, all lyrics writted by Francesco Marras.
Cover artwork by Michal Ivan (
Graphics & layout by Mattia Nidini (
Track List
01. Where reigns the sword
02. In the name of God
03. Screaming Shadows
04. Damned soul
05. Broken promises (Part 1)
06. Broken promises (Part 2)
07. The holy grail
08. The shits are everywhere
09. Open the doors
10. The holy grail (Piano reprise)
+ Bonus track: Dark Shadow

Recorded during November 2004 and May 2005. Mixed by Francesco Marras at the Screaming Shadow's Studio”. First mix-session made during May, June and July 2005; second mix-session made during October, November and December 2005. Produced by Francesco Marras and executive produced by Giuliano Mazzardi for "My Graveyard Productions". All drums lines recorded at the "Zanna Studio" by Paolo Zannin. All guitars, bass, voice, keyboard and percussions lines recorded at the "Screaming Shadow's Studio" by Francesco Marras and Andrea Giribaldi.

All songs arranged by Francesco Marras and Screaming Shadows, except for “The holy grail (Piano reprise)” arranged by Andrea Giribaldi, Luigi Usai and Fabio Negroni.
Track List
01. Leave us here
02. Eyes of the night
03. Come inside
04. I want you to burn
05. Dark shadow
06. Another war cry
07. Pain and tears
08. I'll find my freedom
09. Voices
10. The cry of the king

Recorded during 2002/2003. Produced by Screaming Shadows and Paolo Zannin. Each guitar track has been recorded to "Squawk Records Studio" of Marco Marini, each voice and keyboard track has been recorded to "Zanna Studio" of Paolo Zannin, all of drum tracks have been recorded to "Rockhaus Blu Studio" of Alberto Erre. Mixed during September 2003 to "Zanna Studio" by Paolo Zannin, Francesco Marras and Andrea Giribaldi.